About My Company

Michael Weston owner of Weston Design & Production entered the commercial arts field 37 years ago. He attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. Specializing in Graphic Design and Production.

I am the one that designers, art directors, and marketing directors trust with their complicated jobs. I know all the tricks of the trade.

Since 1989 Weston Design & Production has evolved into a desk-top production powerhouse and has followed the digital revolution into prepress production, photographic retouch and web site graphic design and implementation.

In many ways my niche has changed very little. I still get most of my work from industry professionals who have a job that is just too important or complicated for those with less expertise to produce.

It is my commitment to make Weston Design & Production the production house of choice for designers, art directors and web site developers who need the very best.