About PrePress

We define prepress as the preparation of high resolution files and documents in the correct formats that a printing house can use. This is quite different from desktop publishing which is the kind of document slapped together on a home computer or (for example) by the company secretary. It can be printed out on the office inkjet printer, but which is in no way ready for the requirements of a printing press.

Most professional designers typically work on Macintosh computers. This means their computers are not compatible with the typical business owner's PC and the files produced in house.

Since we work on both Macintosh and Window-compatible computers, you can send your text and images by email, on disk, or on CD. Because we are used to dealing with different printing houses, we can help you to understand their needs and prepare your work accordingly.

Better yet, we can also handle your Web Publishing needs, and you can save money because the same graphics that are produced for printed pieces can quickly be adjusted to work in the Web environment.