Hi-Res Photos & Graphics

Our expertise at image retouching, color correcting, and photo-illustration, have made Weston Design & Production the choice for clients who require the very best.

Images and graphics that will be used in printed material, while similar to those designed for the Web, have very different requirements. Professionally-printed materials must be created with a knowledge of color separations, and should be fine-tuned to the requirements of the printing house selected.

We have the software and experience to create anything for print, from a poorly-rendered company logo into infinitely scalable vector art suitable for convention booths. An uninspired Xcel-generated graph can become a visually stimulating graphic that is clear and easy to understand. We have the know how to make it come alive.

Weston Design & Production has the ability to take anything you can imagine and produce the highest quality digital files that will print beautifully. Creating high resolution graphics using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, InDesign and Quark Xpress are all in a days work.

And after your print pieces have been created we can convert them into machine independent, fast loading PDF documents for intra-office use, or posting on the internet.