Web Graphics

Many web technicians are great at the technical aspects of designing a web site, but a good number of them don't have the graphics knowledge... and it shows. There are many sites out there that are technically "correct", but visually leave a lot to be desired and their poor design often leaves the viewer bewildered.

Small file size is critical in graphics for the web. The trick is to get them to looking good while maintaining a small file size! Nothing turns someone off to your website faster slow loading pages. If your pages are slow to load, the visitor probably won't stay and very likely won't be back.

At Weston Design we work to provide quality graphics that look good on the Web and attract a visitor's attention, but we are also aware that good design must be a part of the picture. Images are often dependent upon the quality of photos we receive, which is why we ask for the best quality photos you can provide when we go to work for you. We want you to have the best results, and that means starting with good quality.

In most cases the images used on the web are in one of just a few formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF (Flash). Typically, these images use 72 dpi (dots per inch) for Macs, and 96 dpi for Windows. A more important requisite for good quality is to start out with a larger set of dimensions. Even if they must be reduced in size they will generally look better as a finished product.